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Wooden Honey Dipper

Wooden Honey Dipper

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You did it!  You created the perfect cheeseboard for that special gathering.  You envision a golden drizzle of raw honey across the delectable berries and creamy cheese.  Oh, but wait!  You just realized that you don't own a honey dipper.  Rookie mistake!  That flawless drizzle is sure to become a sticky mess without the right gadget.  Next time, be prepared! 

Our wooden honey dippers measure 4-inches in length, making them the perfect size for any hand.  They don't take up much space in the kitchen and in addition to honey, they can be used to dispense blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, melted chocolate, and caramel.  

You need this amazing little tool in your life!  Grab one today or save a little coin and snag three so you can gift one with your favorite jar of honey.    


Care and Handling: 

  • Handwash in warm soapy water
  • Do not soak in water or put it in the dishwasher


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