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The Crowd Pleaser

The Crowd Pleaser

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Do you have a special person in your life that loves grilling? Do they fancy themself a “Grill Master?” Then you probably know the importance of letting meat “rest” before carving. Some cutting and carving boards have a groove around the perimeter to catch the juice before it runs off the board, across the counter, and onto the floor. But, they aren’t always effective and they definitely don’t allow the meat and juices to really mingle, which is a crying shame because that’s where all the magic happens.  

Now, imagine having a generously sized board, large enough to hold an oversized roast, lots of burgers, or ribeye steaks. A board that holds a little secret, invisible to the naked eye - a slightly concaved shape that can actually hold a cup of liquid so that meats can rest in their own juices AND you won’t have to clean up a huge mess.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it’s not!  

The Architec™ Acacia Wood Cutting Board, which we have affectionately dubbed The Crowd Pleaser, is beautiful, functional, and sustainable. It can flip from holding a smoked pork butt one day to a beautifully crafted charcuterie board for a casual backyard get-together, the next. After all, the belief that every one of our carefully curated pieces should be multi-functional is part of our values.  

The Crowd Pleaser makes a PERFECT gift!  What person wouldn’t LOVE to receive a hearty carving board that gives homage to the craft they worked so hard to refine?  Snag one of these bad boys for the “Grill Master” in your life and make them the envy of your friends.  Hopefully, you won’t end up fighting over who gets to use it first.  

Other Features We Love

~ Sized at 19 x 13 inches 

~ Innovative concave design holds up to 1 cup of liquid

~ Made from Acacia Wood

~ Soft gripper feet keep the board in place while you work

~Patented process adheres the gripper feet into the wood without the use of toxic glue

Care + Handling

~ Hand-wash in warm water with mild soap

~ Dry Immediately


~ Treat with mineral oil after 50 uses

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