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Teak End-Grain XL Board

Teak End-Grain XL Board

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The mesmerizing pattern of this oversized board will have you in awe! But don’t let its beauty fool you.  This generously sized board has quite an impressive resume. Made from sustainable Plantation Teak hardwood, the tightly grained and natural variation in color create an exceptionally attractive and durable piece. The natural oils in teak help it to repel moisture, warping, and microbes, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen.  But its goodness does not stop there.

Its beauty is equally matched by its functionality.  Use it as the focal of your next grazing board, or the resting place for a perfectly cooked roast beef.  The groove that surrounds the perimeter helps contain any juice that may wander, because who wants to clean up that mess?  

There’s so much to like about the Teak XL End-Grain Board.  Grab yours today!  It will be worth the investment! 

      Other Features We Love

      ~ Generously sized at 14 x 20 x .75 inches 

      ~ No two board are alike

      ~ Juice reservoir around the perimeter of the board

      Care + Handling

      ~ Hand-wash in warm water with mild soap

      ~ Dry Immediately


      ~ Treat with mineral oil periodically to maintain beauty

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