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Organic Board Care Kit

Organic Board Care Kit

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You’re totally smitten with that new board you just bought.  Its sexy wood grain has you all jazzed about trying your hand at a charcuterie board this weekend, but then you get to thinking…. How in the heck do I take care of a wood board? You’re petty sure you’ve never owned anything bigger than a wood serving spoon and that only cost a couple of bucks. 

Well never fear, we have just what you NEED!  While our boards are made from high-quality, sustainable wood like teak and acacia, they do require a little TLC to keep them looking their best. Experts will tell you - You need the right tools for the job!  That couldn’t be more true when having wooden serving pieces in your kitchen.  So, to help keep things simple, we are pleased to offer the RoostMade Co. Organic Board Care Kit.  It has all the tools you’ll need to keep your new board or any other wood you have in your kitchen, looking as gorgeous as the day you brought it home.  Oh, and did we mention that it is all-natural and organic?

Included in this kit are a coconut scrubber, a sanding block, organic oil, and wax, plus two organic cotton cloths. RoostMade Co. thought of everything!  The earth-conscious packaging holds this premium kit nicely in one place.  A complete, step-by-step guide is also included to help you master the use of your new tools, taking the guesswork out of caring for wood kitchen products.   REMEMBER…..When shown the proper love, all your wooden pieces should last you for years to come!  So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Organic Board Care Kit today and feel good knowing you helped PLANT 3 TREES! 


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Features We Love

~ Made with zero plastic

~ The bristles are made from the husks of coconuts

~ The handle from sustainably sourced timbers

~ Perfect to use with warm soap and water to gently clean your cutting board

Ingredients of organic oil and organic wax: organic beeswax, organic carnauba wax, organic walnut oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic wild orange essential oil.

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