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Mini Cast-Iron Skillet

Mini Cast-Iron Skillet

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Who doesn't love a cast-iron skillet?  They're the perfect piece of cookware that can be used to rustle up a country-style breakfast or bake up a batch of light and fluffy biscuits. To say that a cast-iron skillet should be a staple in every well-appointed kitchen would be a hard truth, at least that's what Grandma would say. 

But let's face it - not everyone has experienced the benefits of cooking with a cast-iron skillet.  They haven't eaten fried chicken, cooked to golden perfection with just the right amount of oil.  Their mouths have never indulged in a hot, bubbly apple cobbler with a puddle of vanilla ice cream permeating the buttery brown top. 

If this is you, or if you know someone who needs to experience the benefits of cast-iron cooking, this adorable mini cast-iron skillet is the perfect place to start.  Get your feet wet with a single-serve version of the cast-iron skillets still being used today.  Measuring 5 5/8" in diameter, this little skillet with a single handle is perfect for making a batch of homemade queso dip or a luscious chocolate chip cookie.  There are so many wonderful possibilities... let your imagination run wild!  

As a BONUS with purchase, you will receive two of our favorite recipes to try. They are super easy and delicious!  

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