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Honey Straws

Honey Straws

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Love the taste of honey, but hate the sticky mess?  Want to use an all-natural sweetener, but don’t know how to do that when traveling?  Honey Straws from Savannah Bee Company® are the answer!  

Lightweight, convenient, and perfect for lunchboxes, honey straws will be your new best friend.  Enjoy one as a pre-workout energy boost knowing you won’t suffer from the energy crash that comes from consuming refined sugars.  Honey Straws are the perfect sweet treat and don’t contain added sugars, artificial colors, or ingredients. You can rest assured knowing the pure, Hungarian Acacia honey is packaged into BPE-free straws right here in the USA.  

So, do yourself a favor - try the  Savannah Bee Company® Honey Straws today!  And consider purchasing a few extra packages because they make great STOCKING STUFFERS!  

  • 100% Acacia Honey
  • 5 grams of honey per straw
  • Raw honey should never be fed to children under a year old.
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