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Holiday Grilling Gift Bundle

Holiday Grilling Gift Bundle

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Don't let another Christmas pass by without recognizing that special man with something he will LOVE! Our carefully curated selection of grilling accessories pairs perfectly with the newest member of our wooden board family - The Crowd Pleaser. This awesome board has a slightly concaved design, allowing up to 1 cup of juices to pool without spilling off the sides. What a perfect place for that perfectly grilled cut of meat to mingle with its juices.  No more gnawing on dry meat!  

This bundle includes 15-inch deluxe tongs, an 6 pack of metal skewers, perfect for grilled shrimp, and a package of our Grilling Bands. Not familiar with grilling bands?  Don't worry, neither were we.  They are way more convenient than baker's twine and much more practical than toothpicks.  These little guys can secure bacon around a steak or perfectly bundle asparagus for grilling.  It didn't take long for us to consider these little gems our new go-to in the kitchen.    

Sure, this is a pretty awesome Christmas gift, but it's also a wonderful addition to the kitchen.  It makes a beautiful charcuterie board and its generous size lends itself to feeding a crowd, thus the name - The Crowd Pleaser.  

Grab your Holiday Grilling Gift Bundle today!  We have a LIMITED SUPPLY and don't want you to miss out. 


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